Class 2021 Beast week 5, 4th letter received


Feb 9, 2017
Letter, dated August 7, postmarked August 9 Westchester, delivered August 12
"This week is FTX..... we wil be ambushed by Iranians...we will be on night guard.
In one week I get my phone back...
Rappelling was by far my favorite day. the cliff was 75 much fun bounding down, just like Call of Duty. The mountain climb was not a hard climb, very enjoyable. I learned how to make knots and a Swiss seat. The live grenades are really loud. There was a lot of waiting in line, but pulling the pin was definitely worth it. The assault course was one of my favorites: throw a mock grenade under a Humvee, high crawl under a smoke screen. we shot SAWS and M24B heavy machine guns. ... shooting live rounds at targets thrilled my insides... I would also like to add Claymores are not anything like Call of Duty: there are no lasers, they are a lot louder and bigger, and they take a lot longer to set up... Today we sat around a lot, and had more to eat. First time I have been full. My first nap during Beast.
Most kids are scrambling to finish their knowledge books, because you don't get your phone back until you do. I finished a week and a half early. I was cheated out of 30 pushups. Seeing little scrawny kids do more with horrible form was hard to take...
Seems like I just left yesterday..."
AirsoftRanger, in an earlier post you mentioned your DS was going to try to walk on for football. Just curious how that process worked? Hope he was successful.