Class of 2011 Programs


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Sep 12, 2006
I was just wondering do the service academies have like a special event for only accepted students. Just wondering b/c at MMA they have a welcome aboard program which lets students see the life of a cadet and go to workshops and parents go to presentations and such.
No I don't think it would be practical since kids are from all over the country. MMA is a regional school so most of their students are in New England so it works better. The closest things would be Candidate visit weekends and beansprouting(overnight visit at CGA).
At USAFA there is orientation for accepted candidates. That takes place in early April and there are presentations for parents and candidates. It's quite informative. Usually there are 2-3 to choose from. I was pretty sure the other academies had similar events. Also, each state has one or more parents associations and they genererally have events in your area as well.
No formal orientation at West Point but an accepted candidate can have an overnight visit. If you are not accepted yet the candidate can have a day visit, you shadow a plebe for the morning classes and have lunch in the mess hall. Our local West Point parents club has a luncheon for all accepted candidates a couple of weeks before R-day.
SO mostly just overnights. thats cool. Im doing one at Mass Maritime Academy later this month.
Lesya25 said:
Good Point Boss. Is'nt there a swab summer picnic though?

There are some events for the accepted swabs. There is a big picnic the day before R-day. But nothing like an orientation. I think AFA is the only one who has that kind of thing.