Class of 2013 Front and Center!


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Jun 9, 2006
In an effort to distract you from your apps, I will be posting some info/advice for these fine young ladies and gents.

Words Definitions Used in a sentence
squaring Freshmen or "4/c" cadets must “square” meals & halls-- meaning only right angles can be used (i.e. raising utensil to mouth or turning a corner) As an order: “Square with your outside foot!”

bus / bussing up Freshman or "4/c" cadets must march to class in groups, or a “bus,” and can’t walk alone on campus As a class breaks up: “Is there a bus going over to the Library?”
in the boat From “eyes in the boat,” this means look straight ahead In a reprimand: “Think I’m pretty? Is that why you’re lookin’ at me? Better get your eyes in the boat!”

FR&W and PI Inspections-- FR&W: Formal Room & Wing, PI: Personnel Inspection (hair, uniform, etc.) One cadet to another: “We’ve got a FRW this weekend, so we should probably start stowing today”

stowage / stowing Stowage: Personal articles properly folded in drawers or on shelves, Stowing: the act of properly folding and cleaning One cadet to another: “You should correct your stowage— formal room & wing inspection is today.”

deck Any floor, commonly in (dorm) room One cadet to another: “If you don’t wax your deck you’ll get bagged”

p-way Slang for “passageway” or hall As an order: “Center in the p-way!”
bagged Given demerits, being punished One cadet to another: “You’re so getting’ bagged for this mess”

e-bag An email whose subject line reads: “You have been placed on delinquency report by ____” alerting you that you’ve been bagged One cadet to another: “Ugh. I should clean more. Just watch me get e-bagged after that FRW”

POD Plan of the Day: agenda of activities including classes, meals, UOD, etc. Before leaving for class: “I’d better check the POD. I don’t remember if today’s UOD is with parkas.”

UOD Uniform of the Day: the specified outfit for any given day or occasion Before leaving for class: “Is the UOD with or without parkas today? I’d better check the POD.”

civvies Normal or “civilian” clothing, only juniors and seniors (or first and second class) cadets have this privilege One 2/c cadet to another: “Can you believe how much better liberty is now that we can wear civvies?!”

LMO Last Military Obligation: The last requirements before you are granted liberty! From your company officer: “If you have no classes this Friday afternoon, lunch is your LMO.”

Objee-Famous bear mascot...looking for his insides. :biggrin:
From my spies on the Mighty Thames, Class of 2012 should "bone up" on these as well. ZO u out there? :eek:
All kidding aside(HA HA HA) "bussing" is a cool em waiting for a bus...calling out the cadence...very cool.:thumb: Altho ZO may disagree.
Hey now Boss! Speaking of PI's by the way, we just had one a few minutes ago. It's funny how much prep (~45 minutes for me last night) goes into such a small amount of actual inspection time. Bussing up isn't really that bad but it can be a little irritating when it's pouring rain outside and your classmates (who is driving) insists that we wait "just another minute or two" for anyone else who might be coming.
Boss, at one time bussing up had its advantages, back in the days of double-timing in leathers or boots. Squaring at one time only involved a quick glance while cutting food.

And as we all know, Odd years are weak! :wink: