Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

Anybody else getting a bit anxious for their DS/DD?

The time is definitely going quickly! We had a dinner with the MOC last Friday as well as a luncheon with the local parent club recognizing all of the new plebes to be on Saturday (followed by DS's graduation Saturday evening!). Meeting people in person who are going through the same thoughts right now as well as talking with those families who were in our place this time last year was really helpful and nice. An incredibly supportive and welcoming community, and DS started working out with the group on Monday. I think having a few familiar faces who he might see at USNA will be nice for him.

(128) USNA Appointments Reported as of 8:00 am on Thursday, June 23, 2016:

1) Letsdothis/ DS/ Jan 20th Appointment / Accepted/ VA-07/ Congressional Nom
2) MABlue/ Jan 22nd Appointment(Accepted) / MA-03/ Congressional Nom
3) MWM2016/ October 20 Appointment (not yet accepted) / NJ-03/ Presidential Nom
4) NavyMom19/ DS (reapp) Jan 20th/ Accepted/ CA-50/ Congressional, Senator, Presidential Nom
5) tipp20/ DD/ Jan 26th Appointment / Accepted/ MI-14/ Congressional, Senator Nom
6) Future2020/ Jan 12th Appointment / Accepted/ NY-20/ Congressional Nom
7) wkarak00/ Jan 22 Appointment, not yet accepted/ OH-14/ Senator, Congressional Nom.
8) Socnorb/ January 15 Appointment, Accepted/ ID- / Senator, Congressional Nom
9) navymom17/ DS/ January 26 Appointment, Accepted/ MI-06/ Congressional Nom, Senator
10) RT10/ 26 January Appointment / Accepted/ TX-03/ Congressional Nom
11) 2020_USNAengineer/ 26 Jan Appointment / Accepted/ GA-?? / Senator and Cong. Nom
12) Fire captain/ DS/ January Appointment (Accepted) / Illinois MOC/ IL-??/
13) jtjr1972/DS/Dec 18th Appointment and Accepted/ NH/Congressional and Senator Nom
14) SYDad/ DS/ Jan 25 Appt; Accept - had LOA / PA-18/ Congress Nom/ Accepted
15) Navydaze/ DS/ January 20th Appointment, Accepted/ NC-1/ Congressional Nom
16) lingeringboat/ Dec 12 Appointment, Accepted/ GA-08/ and Senator Nom
17) oh_yeah/ Me/ January 26Appointment/ VA-01/ Congressional ;NROTC Nom/ UN-KNOWN!
18) fddad19/ DD/ Jan 28 Appointment/ IL / JROTC nom/ Accepted
19) BlackKnight89/ DS/ September 18 Appointment/ VA-01/ Presidential/ Accepted
20) NavalArchitectWannabe/ Dec 12 Appointment, Accepted/ GA-08/ both Senator Noms
21) SCMids/ Jan 26 Appointment / Accepted/ SC-2/ color deficiency waiver/
22) kencrus/ Dec 29 Appointment / Accepted/ IL-03/ Congressional Nom
23) hopeful1998/ DS/ December 23 Appointment/ CA-48/ Senate & Cong nom/ LOA/ Accepted
24) candidate2020/ Jan. 21 Appointment, Accepted/ TN-01/ Congressional Nom/ LOA
25) Colo2020/ DD / Appointment Dec 23/Accepted Mar 14/ CO-4/ Congressional Nom/ LOA
26) Proudmamaof2/ DS/ appointment Oct 9/ presidential NOM/ TN/ not yet accepted
27) cihper/ Feb 1 Appointment/ NM-02/ LOA/ UN-KNOWN!
28) ben_m_usna2020/Nov 13 Appt - Accepted(no LOA) /VA-04 / Presidential ; congressional nom
29) hopefuldad3210/DS/Feb 2 appt, Accepted (LOA) /NY-16/Cong. and Senate nom
30) Blessedmom DS/ Jan 20 Appointment/ Accepted/ Congress nom / PA-07/ LOA
31) PMD_23 DS/Dec 23 Appt, not yet accepted/WA-??/Deceased Service member ; Congressional
32) ludUSNA/ Jan 29 Foundation offer, possible appointment, Accepted/ NH-01/ 2 Senatorial
33) naptown2020/ Feb 2 Appointment / Accepted (with LOA) / MD-04/ Senatorial Nom
34) Annapolis2020/ Dec 23 Appointment / Accepted (LOA) / OH-10/ Congressional Nom
35) WannabeGonnabe/ Dec15 Appt / Accepted/ CT-03/ Congressional and Senatorial Noms
36) Navy dad/ DS/ Dec. Appt / Accepted/ AZ-05/ Congressional and Senatorial Noms/ LOA
37) Navy_Candidate_2015/ 02 Feb Appt-Accepted (LOA OCT '15) / NJ-03/ Sen. and Cong. Nom
38) Duke24/ DS/ Appointment 05 Feb 2016-Accepted/ MI-02/ Congressional nom
39) Jauch/ Jan 20 Appointment / Accepted/ TX-36/ Senatorial Nom
40) Sapimad22/ DS/ Feb 6 Appt-Feb 19 Accepted/ WI-01/ Cong. and Sen. Nom./ LOA
41) USNA2020/ JAN 27 Appointment-not yet accepted/ MD-06/ LOA and Senatorial Nom
42) Fifi5/ DS/ Feb 8 Appointment-Accepted/ CA-33/ Congressional NOM
43) Zoomama/ DD/ Feb 9 Appt-not yet accepted/ MA-02/ Cong. and Senatorial Noms (no LOA)
44) theGOAT/ DG/ January 11/ OH-??/Ohio Congressional (no LOA)/ UN-KNOWN!
45) NYDsDad/ DS/ 23 Dec 2015 Appt - Accepted (LOA SEPT 2015) / NY-22/ Congressional Nom
46) Rphsue/ DS/ LOA Oct 2015/ senator nom /NJ-05/Appointment Feb 9/ UN-KNOWN!
47) ricer1270/ DD/ LOA Oct 2015/ senator nom / IN/ Appt. ; Accepted Nov. 2015
48) MDlaxfan/ DD/ Feb2 Appointed-Accepted/ MD-04/ Senatorial nom/ LOA
49) FirstinhisHS/ DS/ Jan24/ Appointed / Accepted/ FL-14/ Congressional Nomination
50) EmperorQin/ Feb12/ Appointment/ CA-39/ Congressional Nomination (no LOA)/ UN-KNOWN!
51) JTGib13/ DS/ Feb 12/ Appt/ MA-02/ Congressional ; Sen. Nom. [2nd attempt+self-preped]/ Declined/ Accepted USMA
52) MIDN4/ CJones/ Feb 13/ Appt/ MA-05/ Cong and NROTC Nom/ College Reapplicant/ Accepted
53) SpaceCowboy/ Feb 15/ Appt/ WA-07/ Congressional and Senatorial Nomination (no LOA)/ Accepted
54) Zmansmom/DS/Feb 16 Appt/GA-02/Sen. Perdue and Rep Bishop Noms (No LOA, reapplicant) , Accepted same day!
55) NavyDad13/ DS/Feb 17/Appt/CA-25/ Cong. (not principal nom-competitive alter., no LOA) - on portal, no call UN-KNOWN!
56) farmgirl1776/ DS/ Feb 23/ Appointment/ KY-5/ Congressional and 2 senatorial nominations/ Accepted
57) GONAVYLa!/ Feb 22/ Appointment/ La-01/ Congressional and Senatorial Nom/ Accepted
58) PCB/ Dec 15/ Appointment/ AL-06/ LOA/ Congressional and Senatorial/ UN-KNOWN!
59) goforspaatz / 23 FEB MOC call / OH-11/ Alternate nom / 24 FEB portal update/ DECLINED USMA and USNA/ Accepted Appointment to USAFA
60) MI1289/ Dec 23/ Appointment / Accepted/ MI-03/ Congressional (LOA)
61) collinkane49/ Feb24 Appt-Accepted/MA-04/Congressional and Senatorial Nom (no LOA)
62) afreed/ Feb24/ Appointment/ MA-04/ Congressional and both Senatorial Noms/ UN-KNOWN!
63) SerendipityRN/ DS/ Feb26 Appointment/ MO-02/ Congressional Nom/ Accepted
64) Bobop70/ Feb 22/ Appointment/ NJ-03/ Received phone call from MacArthur 02/22/16/ UN-KNOWN!
65) NYTex/ DS/ Dec 29 Appointment(Accepted) / NY-16/ Congressional Nom/ LOA
66) Disco2020 DS / Dec 23/ Appointed-Accepted/ CA-09/ Congressional Nom/ LOA
67) Betcoir/ DS/ Feb 23/ Appointment/ MO-05 / MOC nomination / Declined USNA (Accepted Appointment to USAFA)
68) RSpight/ DS / Jan 12/ Appointment/ IN-01/ Congressional Nom/ LOA/ UN-KNOWN!
69) Chrismm19/ Feb 24/ Appointment/ TN-02/ Congressional Nom/ UN-KNOWN!
70) murfthesurf/ DS/Feb 29 Appt (Accepted Mar 2) /No LOA/PA-03/US Rep. Kelly just called
71) JerseyGrownUSNA20/ Feb 26/ Appointment/ NJ-06/ Received email from Cong. Pallone/ UN-KNOWN!
72) Skegs/DS/ Feb 29 Appt/NJ-04/Congressman phoned, email from USNA 2 days later/ three noms, no LOA/ Accepted
73) USNA2020DE/ Jan 26 Appt/DE-01/Jan 8 Principal Nom from Senator/ Accepted Jan 29
74) Wildcatmom06/DS/March 4th Appt / Accepted April 4th/GA-11 /Cong nom ; Sen. Isakson Nom/ Call from Rep Loudermilk
75) USNAclassof2020/ DD/ March 4th Appointment/ MO-8/ Call from MOC tonight/ UN-KNOWN!
76) tsparks/ March 3rd Appointment (Not yet accepted) / IN-02 / Congressional Nom
77) SADetective/ DS/ Feb. 24/ Appointment / Accepted / CA-30/ Cong. Nom/ Email ; portal update
78) fast505/ DS/ Jan.12 Appointment / Accepted/ MD-05/ Rep. Hoyer
79) Fast18s/ DD/Mar.4 Appt/TX-05/Congressman Hensarling called - Accepted
80) MD2020/ DS/ DEC 14 Appointment/ MD-05/ Not yet accepted
81) Trc98/ March 7 / appointment/ NY-06/ senatorial and congressional nom/ Accepted
82) HopefulinTX/ DD/ March 7/ Appointment/ TX-08/ Call from congressman/ congressional nom/ Accepted
83) evdfootball/ March 8/ Appointment/ MA-07/ email and portal update/ UN-KNOWN!
84) USNA Hopeful '20/ March 8/ IL-06/ offer of appointment (Accepted) / Call from MOC
85) OHmom16/DD/Mar. 7 Appt/Sen. & MOC /OH-12 Noms/ no LOA; college freshman reapplicant/ Accepted
86) MilVetSpouseMom/DD/Feb 17 Appt-Accepted/FL-25/Cong. & Presidential NOMs/ LOA
87) mcfeeley15/March 9/Appt (Not yet accepted)/NY-26/Congressional NOM/LOA received
88) proudDadUSNA/DS/March 9/Appointment/NY-09/Congressional NOM/Accepted
89) brewer90/DS/Jan 20/LOA/CA-02/Congressional Nomination/Accepted
90) smj89/02/24/16 appointment/ portal update/ TN-07/ Cong. nom/ UN-KNOWN!
91) WesTexDad2020/DS/February 2 Appointment/ TX-16/ Congressional, Senator/ UN-KNOWN!
92) ProudofourSon/DS/Feb 12th Appointment/IL-/Senator Nomination/ UN-KNOWN!
93) Navy2020CA/DD/19 OCT LOA/24 DEC Appt / Accepted/CA-45/Cong. Nomination
94) TheGoatIsOldAndGnarly/ 05 January Appointment / Accepted/ AR-03/ Congressional
95) starbuck/DD/18 DEC/TX-12/Presidential and Congressional nomination/ UN-KNOWN!
96) 2020 Parent/DS/December 18/LOA/Accepted/US Rep and two US Senators/ Unknown State
97) Bigheaddisney/DS/Feb 19 LOA/March 9 Appt / Accepted/Congressional nom/OK-4
98) usnaphoenix/Jan. 20th Appointment - Accepted/FL-16/Congressional Nomination and LOA
99) 2boymom/DS/Mar 11 Appt/3 Cong. noms in 2015 and three in 2016/ re- applicant/KS-2/ Accepted
100) socalfan/DS/early Oct LOA/early Dec appt/Accepted/CA-??/Congressional nomination
101) kangaroo2533/4 Dec LOA/9 Dec Cong. Nom TX-20/16 Dec Senatorial Nom (Ted Cruz lol)/18 Dec Appointment/Accepted
102) LTR /DS/March 14 /FL/Appt/Call from Rep /Rep & Senate Nom in 2015 / Rep in 2016/ UN-KNOWN!
103) IllinoisMom / DS / Nov 17 Appointment / Accepted Jan 2 / Congressional Nomination / IL-10
104) Seacadet2020/March 4 Appt/Accepted/Call from Congressman /Congressional Nom /MA-09
105) Mom529 / DS / March 16 Appointment / TN-08 Nomination/ Accepted
106) midshipmantobe/DS/ March 16/ Appointment / MOC Nom/ MOC Called today !/ CA-49/ Accepted
107) MittenMan/DS/Feb 12 LOA/Feb 22 Appt/Accepted Mar 18/MI-06/Sen, Congl, CO N-ROTC noms/college re-applicant
108) Usnavy2019/Dec 23, '15 Principal Nom/Jan 26 Appt/Accepted Feb 22 (I was at sea with school)/college re-applicant/CA-11
109) Brawny 77/ DS/ Appt Jan. 25/ Accepted March 28/ USAFA + USMA Appointments respectfully declined/ TX-04 MOC nom
110) Just Dad/DD/Appointment January/Accepted March 29th/Nomination from U.S. Rep. Susan Delbene /WA-01
111) Dad2020/DS/ LOA on 9-11-15 / Appointment MOC Called 12-7-15/ Accepted/ 12-14-15/ MO- 07/
112) canislupus / DS / April 4 Appointment / Nomination from CA senator -1 / CA-39/ Accepted!
113) Ted&Gladys/DD/LOA Sept. 4/ NOM Senator Nov. 1/Appointment Nov.30th, 2015/ Accepted
114) GoNavy2020/DS/LOA Sept./ NOM Nov. 23/Appointment Dec 2, 2015/ MOC FL-23/ UN-KNOWN!
115) yrangd/DS/LOA / MOC NOM November/Appointment Dec 2, 2015/ MD-06/ UN-KNOWN!
116) smlouie//DD/MOC Called in November/ Appointment Nov.30th, 2015/Accepted/Unknown State
117) credit18/DD/LOA / MOC NOM December/Appointment Dec 29, 2015 (my birthday) / GA-??/ UN-KNOWN!
118) Tknight/DS/LOA/MOC NOM/Santa Clarita, CA/Appointment January 15th, 2016/Accepted/CA-25
119) FL2Annapolis/DS/March 2 Appointment/Accepted/FL-02/Congressional and Senatorial Nominations
120) bops98/December 17 Appointment and Accepted (with Oct LOA)/OR-05/Congressional Nomination
121) Lukieboy06/DS /Feb/Appointment / Accepted / Sup. Nom.
122) 2020prdPop/DS/April 14 Wait-listed /April 21 Appointment/Accepted/MI-03/Rep and 2 Sen Noms
123) coachkarl/DS/Conditional LOA became full LOA May 4/Accepted/PA-08/Principal Senatorial Nominee, Congressional Nomination
124) Sempersgt/DD/Wait-listed No More/May 5th Appt/ACCEPTED/CA-53/Congressional Nom
125) Islandmom4/DD/NAPS 2015-16/ Appointment May 10th / Accepted/ SC-01/ principal nom Rep Sanford and nom Sen Scott.
126) USNAMom2020/DS/3rd Time Applicant!!/ from US Navy Nuclear Program/ A Fleet Appointment/Announced May 23rd, 2016/Accepted
127) TxNana/DGS/LOA/Appointment May 24th /Accepted/Texas
128) HassamaMama/LOA Feb 5th/Appointment June 9th/Accepted/NY-3rd

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

USNA Appointments Reported to the Forum = 128
USAFA Appointments Reported to the Forum = 139
USMA Appointments Reported to the Forum = 109
USMMA Appointments Reported to the Forum = 34

:director: The 'Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread' has the most recorded number of USNA Appointments ever listed on the 'Naval Academy - USNA Forum'.

Comments :
The Class of 2020 will have the lowest number of Plebes admitted to the USNA, in decades.
Total Plebes inducted to Class of 2020 will come in under 1,188 on June 30th (I-Day).
Target Number for Class of 2020 was 1,155 Plebes.

Class of 2019 target number was also set at 1,155 Plebes, however, 1,191 accepted Appointment

Total Plebes inducted to Class of 2020 will come in under 1,188 on June 30th (I-Day).
Target Number for Class of 2020 was 1,155 Plebes.

Class of 2019 target number was also set at 1,155 Plebes, however, 1,191 accepted Appointment
My interpretation: it is easier for USNA to decide to kick out those committed honor offenses, and they have.
What does it mean: DD/DS needs to think again before doing something bad/stupid and think they can get away with it. Most likely they can't.
My interpretation: it is easier for USNA to decide to kick out those committed honor offenses, and they have.
What does it mean: DD/DS needs to think again before doing something bad/stupid and think they can get away with it. Most likely they can't.

What am I missing? What do the admissions statistics have to do with honor violations and how USNA deals with them?
Simple...if USNA accepts more than its target, that might not mean "second chances" if a MIDN gets in honor or conduct trouble...since they went over what they should have.
Induction day is fast approaching...due to DS weight he was required to do BMI by admissions,weighing 195lbs in Jan. Currently,
he fluctuates between 193-198, does he need to be exactly below 195 (documented weight) on I-day?? Do kids get sent home for being few lbs over? If so we need to starve him for a week:(
Induction day is fast approaching...due to DS weight he was required to do BMI by admissions,weighing 195lbs in Jan. Currently,
he fluctuates between 193-198, does he need to be exactly below 195 (documented weight) on I-day?? Do kids get sent home for being few lbs over? If so we need to starve him for a week:(
If he is over the assigned weight, they will take the measuring tape to him.

Plenty of people show up overweight actually, and lose a bunch when they start daily PT. Nothing to worry about.
Anyone showing up 2-3 lbs overweight will be 2-3 lbs. underweight within 48 hours of their respective Reporting Time . :eek:

Heck, Plebe Parents will loose 2-3 lbs. just on I-Day from walking the yard, dragging younger off-spring, finding a parking place and waiting around for the Oath (even if they go to the Picnic to eat)
Just got an email that the Class of 2020 Name T-Shirt is available on-line thru the Navy Store. Great to wear on your way to I Day, during I Day, and after I Day when you're running errands in town!
What if you are under the assigned weight by literally just 2 pounds...currently my situation
That is not your assigned weight on the chart. It is your max weight allowed based on your height. If your weight is over you will be taped to measure your body fat percentage. If it is under you have nothing to worry about.

Here is the link to the current Navy BCA standards: 4- Body Composition Assessment (BCA).pdf
I have my shirt still and then got another one at graduation. It's a much smaller list 4 years later. Attrition is much lower now, but it's always a fun comparison.
It depends on the year, but if you are under weight they usually like to provide things like Ensure to get extra calories. Plebes are usually weighed weekly but USNA has really cracked down on the rules and allows much more time for Plebes to eat then many years ago (which is a good thing). Many will lose weight and some will gain weight in muscle. Every kid is different.