Class of '79


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Feb 10, 2016
Towards the end of inprocessing, (DD is in Hellcats, so last squadron), I was chatting with one of the AOG representatives under the first tent. He mentioned that 41 years ago to the day, he had inprocessed into the Academy. That number caused a light bulb to go off in my head:idea:. DH has been saying for the last several months that DD will graduate 41 years after he did for USAFA.

So, I asked the gentleman what year he graduated and he said '79. I immediately asked him to turn around to see another '79 grad, my DH. It was amazing to watch them as they recognized each other and both were "transported" back in years.

He invited us to meet with several more '79ers on the morning we were departing. So, even though it delayed the start of our long drive, we went to the small gathering - about a dozen - where DH
reminisced with his "old" classmates.

What a week!
Our son is a 2020 Basic. We were there for inprocessing. My DH is also a '79 grad. LCWB [emoji6]
Unitedwebe, I sent you a PM.

Which squadron is you son in?