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    I have the option of participating at dual enrollment at a fairly well-known and prestigious university in my state, or of transferring to another high school so that I can get as many AP course credits that the Academy would look favorably upon.. Will the Navy pay much attention to my class choices senior year or does it function like 'typical' colleges and universities in that junior year is the most crucial? I'm inclined to think that staying in a traditional school setting to get those credits is the best option, but I'd like to get people's thoughts on it.
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    1. Have you received an appointment? If yes, you have the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment and earn college credits, I would contact admissions to see what, if any, of those credits can be transferred to validate any first year courses. From what I've read on these forums, validate as many as you can so you don't take them first year.
    2. If not, and NROTC is a possible back-up, I would contact NROTC at the school you would go to and see how they treat the college credits. I believe that they accept the grades towards your cgpa for the program. The school would likely accept the credits as well.

    That being said, AP courses with good grades and 4/5 can possibly validate courses as well and again, from these forums, candidates with the total package including many AP courses seem to fare well.

    Others with far more experience than I at this(our DS is 2019 nominee and I now member of the MBSC) can give you better insight. The best place to ask the question is candidate guidance office.

    Good Luck.

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