Class unofficial mottos


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Sep 8, 2013
Just a fun type thread, but most classes have a motto while in the "zoo". What is the motto for your class? For instance, the individuals soon to be the Class of 2028, it might be "out the gate in 28." For my class of 1965 it was "out of the hive in 65" although for our 50th reunion we changed that to "Not just four years...but a lifetime."
What I love most about KP is we can not have seen classmates for 30 years and pick up a conversation like we saw each other yesterday.
Very much agree! Several years ago the Class of 1965 started doing “mini” reunions that were held off campus. First up was Hawaii (actually twice) southern California, New Orleans, then a riverboat cruise on the upper Mississippi. Because we moved around the country, some people came that hadn’t participated in the on campus reunions. But everyone bonded and the refresher course in sea stories and Academy life began.