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    Hi guys,
    I'm new to the forum as of today and my first question is about validation of classes. I know that there are tests administered during plebe summer and that AP tests also play a part but I'm not totally sure about what exactly is needed to validate. I've taken quite a few AP classes (6) but I've only taken one test for various reasons (I was in England during the test dates last year). So is it possible to validate out of classes without an AP test score to back up the plebe summer tests?
    I know there are quite a few threads about this but I couldn't find any that answered this question.
    thanks in advance
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    Here is a link to the USNA course validation requirements.

    You'll see that most courses will require you to take an academy exam in order to validate. There are a few that only require AP scores.

    Keep in mind that you can still take AP exams this May for past classes you've taken. If fact, you can sign up for any AP Exam, even if you haven't taken the class. My son did this last year. For example, in order to validate one of the history classes, the Academy requires a combined score of 9 on AP US History and AP World History. My son took AP US History and got a 5 on the exam. He took AP European History which didn't help him validate anything.... so he signed up for the AP World History exam as well...studied on his own with a prep book and got the 4 he needed to validate a class.

    I would just caution you not spread yourself too thin so that your last semester grades don't suffer.

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