Closing Ceremony Awards for SLE?


Mar 24, 2017
Hey Forum,

I heard from past SLE parent that at the closing ceremony for each session, the USMA instructors give some awards or show recognition for some outstanding cadets? Is that true? If so, then things would they give out and does that mean they are constantly evaluating us even though its a recruiting tool camp? Thanks guys
Great question! I attended SLE last year, and at the closing ceremony they recognized several of the candidates. The awards included highest scores for the CFA, best leadership, performance in the workshops, and overall abilities. Regarding your question about evaluation throughout the week, they absolutely are constantly looking at everyone there. At some point during SLE your squad leader (a current member of the cadre) will interview you. Also, I believe the squad leader puts in their own personal evaluation of each candidate for consideration by admissions.

Overall, just be yourself and perform well! Good luck to you!