Clothing on Day One

Sorry, but I haven't come across this info. Do Swabs report wearing their white t-shirts, socks, etc., or do they report in civilian clothes and put them in storage?


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Report in wearing shorts, plain t-shirt, white socks and sneakers. They will be running in their report in clothes. Remember they want to blend in so the t-shirt should be plain.


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I can remember R Day for class of 2018. A young man reported in wearing a tuxedo. Even the cadre had trouble keeping a straight face on that one!
He also showed up in a porsche with 2 girls carrying his stuff!! The cadre were not impressed and were angry at the tux. They felt he was treating R day as a joke.


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I remember the Porsche as well and the chuckles at the reporting in table. He certainly didn't follow the 'stay under the cadre radar' advice, but survived swab summer and is still a member of the class of 2018.
Thanks for the info! Any other helpful tips would be appreciated. We leave CA today and want to do things right!
Cadres love hugs..

Seriously, just take it a day at a time. And if it gets to be "too much", just focus on little goals. Just get through breakfast. Just get through lunch and eventually the routine of it will settle in and it won't be as overwhelming.

Enjoy the experience b/c a lot of the stuff you do will be fun and while some won't make it through, those that do will be glad they pushed through.