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    I recently received my appointment. I started looking into intramural and club sports. I want to play club hockey next year, but I am curious about what club sports are all about. On USAFA's website, club hockey is listed under club sports, not competitive teams. I was looking for some insight into the nature of club sports at USAFA. It is also my understanding that this club sport would not be a part of my required intramural team that I must participate on. I looked at the list of intramurals on the website. Tennis caught my eye. I'm a recreational summer tennis player with my friends. I don't know if I would even make my school's varsity team. My bet is that there are lots of high school tennis captains playing intramural tennis at USAFA. Could someone tell me what intramurals are like? I don't want to get killed by a bunch of tennis pros every week. Thank you for your help and input.

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