Club Sports


Jan 6, 2015
I'm currently a senior with my application all submitted and am just waiting now. If I wanted to play a club sport at USNA, when would be an appropriate time to contact the coach (if ever?) before plebe summer? After I get a nom? Appointment? While my application is still CPR? I understand that the timelines are probably different for different sports, but even an estimate would help.
I doubt the coaches of the club sports have any influence on the admissions process (with one possible exception that I won't go into). During plebe summer there is information distributed about each club. That said, it can't hurt to contact the coach but I would wait until you have the BFE in hand.
Clubs don't usually have a "Coach" but a required faculty advisor. The Club team usually pays there own way for uniforms, equipment and transportation with some sponsor help (uniforms, equipment). Go onto the Club Website for your sport and email the contact person, usually a Mid captain of the club sport . Any time would be appropriate. DD played Club sports at USNA since none of her sports were Varsity Athletics. If you show interest During Plebe Summer you can contact them then but check their email now and set up a dialogue. The timeline doesn't matter just make the contact.
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Agree with above. There is no need to contact for club sports. Usually a Mid will respond and they could be great help answering questions.
Good advice. My 1/C DS is in Jiu Jitsu which he joined in his 3/C year. It is all run by Midshipmen with no formal coach. Like many clubs, they set up participation in tournaments along the east coast and provide their own transportation to get there. If you love a sport, you will certainly find other Mids who do too.