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    Hello! After looking through West Point's full list of clubs and sports available ( I found a lot that I'm interested in. I'm sure I won't have enough time to do all of these at once, but I'd like to do all of them at some point during my stay at West Point. :smile:

    I mainly want to know the time commitment involved and how difficult it would be to make it into the following teams/clubs:

    Equestrian Team - most important to me
    Pipes and Drums
    Pistol Team
    Glee Club
    Big Brothers/Big Sisters
    Spirit Clubs (i.e. Mule Riders, Cannoneers)

    So if anyone is/was a member of these clubs or has any information about them that could help me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Very early in the school year you will have a "Club Night" where most teams and clubs have a booth and you go around signing their roster if you are interested in trying out and getting any questions answered. Until then, I suggest focusing on preparing for CBT and not worrying about what clubs/teams you want to be a part of. The time will come :)

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