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    What kind of clubs will give the most professional development toward officership? I have been researching some different clubs, a few fun ones, a few important ones possibly would defiantly be what I am looking for. I don't know how scheduling would work for doing multiple clubs along with sports but I think it may be possible to pull of 2 clubs or a sport and club.

    I am pretty interested in the combat weapons team, combatives team, or some other sport that may be valuable to a career in the military. Of course an officer won't be shooting much, but I really enjoy shooting and it may come in handy. I don't know what all clubs there is to offer, but does anyone have some insight on some clubs that would be of use to develop myself?
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    I don't have an answer to your question, but just FYI -- you will have a chance to meet with reps from all (most?) of the clubs early in the Fall semester. There will be signups for the clubs you are interested in, tryouts for some. Some clubs will be limited in number, others will be open to all.

    Here's the list of clubs: Obviously some will require more time or set skills. Quite a few of them travel for competitions/performances (not just the competitive sport clubs).
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