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    I have been awarded a 4 year AROTC scholarship, however I intend to accept my offer to the Air Force Academy. I've heard various things on how to approach this situation, one of which was to keep the ROTC scholarship as a backup plan if I were to somehow have issues regarding I-day. Do (parents perhaps?) have any experience with this situation? Do you say you're going to accept the scholarship... then turn it down once you report to the academy? Does someone else get to use it in that case?

    I have a friend who held on to her scholarship until about 2 weeks before entering for West Point.

    I'm just not sure on how this all works! Never thought I'd be so fortunate to be put into this situation.

    Thanks for the help
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    1st, congratulations!!! An amazing accomplishment.

    Do look at that thread. You will see varying points of view - mine included.

    Weigh those points and do what you feel is best.

    That may not be necessarily what is best for you - but what YOU think is the best thing to do.

    You are doing a smart thing in checking in, getting advice and once you have assimilated those points of view step back, think, pray and distill it all.

    My sense is that this year it is becoming more & more evident how few scholarships are being handed out. Should that factor into your decision? That depends solely on you and your values/beliefs.

    Again, congratulations and best wishes in having this good choice to make.

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