Coast Guard Academy Scholars CGAS Prep Calendar Schedule


Feb 20, 2021
Would someone post what the Coast Guard Academy Scholars "CGAS" Prep Calendar Schedule looks like?
Does the school calendar year mirror the academy's?

My understanding is CGAS student report to the academy for the first 3 weeks of Swab summer, but then what?
Do you then travel to the prep school you are assigned? and do something there for the summer?
If so what?, A summer of INDOC and drill like Swab summer? Reading Running Light?

or do you begin following the prep school's academic calendar?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you do not have the summer free as you would in civilian life since you are under a 1 year enlistment.

And with all this in mind, how would a self-prep student mirror this?
Say for example, I was going to GMC or MMI with my own academic scholarship and funds, would I be able to partake in the CGAS summer program?


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Jun 10, 2011
If you're assigned to NAPS, you'll report to CGA for indoc, then that week go to NAPS for their indoc and summer training. From that point you belong to NAPS.

For GMC and MMI, you'll report to CGA for the indoc which will last for three weeks. When you finish with the initial trainiong, you'll travel as a group to the assigned prep school. You'll start with the MMI initial training period and begin classes two weeks after you arrive. At GMC you'll get some initial training and math prep courses, and then start courses at the beginning of the fall term.

For a self prep, you don't mirror the summer training experience. The summer at CGA has training, but is primarily for testing, physicals, administration and the like for the CGAS. Instead, you arrive at either GMC or MMI on the scheduled report in day, do your initial cadet training, and jump right into classes.

All cadets at MMI will do initial training together, whether sponsored or self prep.