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There were some questions about some movies with USCG in them.

Now, first, there are not many movies that focus on the Coast Guard, however, there are movies that feature the Coast Guard, and that can sometimes be a little surprising, and generally gets a thumbs up from me (with two major exceptions).

I will rate each movie in CG value with a thumbs up and points, 1-10. 10 is a movie high in USCG value, or has USCG scenes that are important A 1 will just mention the Coast Guard. When I give it a 1, that does NOT mean it is a bad movie, just means there is less Coast Guard, or the Coast Guard schenes are not as important. There are also two movies with BAD, and they have negative ratings...I did not like the Coast Guard in those movies.

The Guardian: This is THE Coast Guard movie, but I'm not an airdale. It would have been nice to see more cutters, however, it does feature the recently decommissioned CGC STORIS and my best friend's cutter CGC ALEX HALEY. Good one-liners and a nice Coast Guard v. Navy fight which I am told was not that uncommon in the "Old Guard." Rating: 10 :thumb:

The Perfect Storm: This is not "about" the Coast Guard, however it features one of the main missions of the US Coast Guard, search and rescue (and maybe kind...fisheries enforcement, although you didn't see it). The cutter featured in the movie was a Reliance class cutter, 210' long. In the real Perfect Storm, the cutter was a little smaller and called CGC TAMAROA. The helicopter that crashed in the movie was an Air National Guard helo, not a Coast Guard helo. For anyone who has been out at sea in the North Atlantic, especially in the winter, those conditions are not completely unfamiliar (no I'm not saying I've been in anything THAT big). Rating: 9, :thumb:

Bad Boys II: Not about the Coast Guard, but features plenty. The beginning starts with a Reliance class cutter and an HH-65 Dolphin. It illustrates another Coast Guard mission, drug interdiction. Later you will see an HH-60 Jayhawk fly them to the waters off of Cuba...not completely accurate. In the end there is some "Use of Force" action with two Coast Guard MH-68 Stingrays that shot out the engine block of the go-fast. I'm not a huge fan of them having Miami PD cops telling the USCG what to do, but it was nice to see some CG action. Rating: 9, :thumb:

Yours, Mine and Ours: It's a family movie, and a "love" story, that takes place between an artsy-fartsy civilian woman and a Coast Guard admiral. It features Coast Guard uniforms, Coast Guard Academy uniforms, and a Hamilton class cutter (378' long). There were a few problems...the Commandant had the equivalent of five stars, a rank that a USCG admiral cannot hold, and Dennis Quad's ribbon was falling off at one point. I enjoyed the movie. While they did film some of the movie at the US Coast Guard Academy, none of those scenes were in the movie. Rating: 8, :thumb:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: USCG helo stops the groups get away when they escaped from the hospital. Rating: 6, :thumb:

I am Legend: Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helped Will Smiths family off of Manhattan, unfortunately a civilian aircraft crashed into them. For the record, it was not the Coasties fault. Rating: 5, :thumb:

Captain Ron: At the end of the movie, as the family is being attacked by pirates, the Coast Guard swoops in to save the day. The movie features a Island class cutter (110' long). I like the quotes "No honey it's the US Coast Guard!" "Kick ass Coast Guard!" Rating: 7, :thumb:

Clear and Present Danger: 110' stops a politians vessel being driven by drug trafficers who had executed the entire family. One draw back, the druggies called the cutter the "US Navy" but of course, they are bad guys, so what do they know?" Rating: 6, :thumb:

Interpreter: Two USCG 25' small boats patrol outside of the UN Building. Rating: 4, :thumb:

Event Horizon: Okay, they weren't "Coast Guard", but they were a rescue team, and on their soulder boards they had Coast Guard shields. Maybe the Coast Guard of the future? Rating: 2, :thumb:

Red Eye: Coast Guard fails to find weapon meant to kill high up politician. It didn't include real CG uniforms, USCG vessels, or anything. They did say "Coast Guard" however. Rating: -8, BAD

Sicko: Didn't watch it, but a USCG small boat stopped Michael Moore's boat in the TV previews. Rating: -7, BAD

TV shows that frequently feature the US Coast Guard...

Storm Stories on the Weather Channel
CSI Miami
Deadliest Catch

I hope this was educational for all! I know there are more movies out there I'm forgetting, but if I remember, I'll let you know.
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Top Gun - Fast forward the movie until Goose ejects & is killed. As Maverick holds onto him in the water, a USCG helocopter arrives on scene, deploys the rescue swimmer and plucks them from the sea.
Thanks for the heads up on Bad Boys 2, I'll have to check it out.
"Modern Marvels" on the History Channel had a feature on icebreakers which of course prominently showed the Coast Guard at work. Very interesting.
i saw the other day something on i think it was national geographic called "america's port" it seemed like it was a special or series on the port of LA, and go figure, there were some coasties in it.
LA/LB is a major port.

My girlfriend even found some Coast Guard in Grey's Anatomy (which i don't generally watch.) There was also some Coast Guard in one of the Lethal Weapons...I just can't remember which with a boat, a big one.
Overboard (Kurt Russell / Goldie Hawn) - At the end of the movie, Dean and his kids get on a Coast Guard cutter to follow the yacht to try to win Annie back. The chase is suspended when a report of "poachers fishing in illegal waters" causes the cutter to turn back. Dean jumps overboard from the cutter and Annie jumps overboard from the yacht. Man Overboard alarm is sounded and both are rescued.
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Discovery Channel-Deadliest Catch

On Discovery Channel tonight the show, Deadliest Catch, had a great piece on the CG team in Alaska working to safe the survivors of the KatMai fishing ship in the Bearing Sea. They saved 4 of the 11 who went down.:thumb:
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my best friends dad played a huge part in the guardian in teaching ashton and kevin how to be a rescue swimmer... he was the bald guy who first got on the bus and started yelling... needless to say i knew about that movie from the beginning... saw lots of behind the scenes stuff... it was an amazing experience.. awesome movie too..
On Discovery Channel tonight the show, Deadliest Catch, had a great piece on the CG team in Alaska working to safe the survivors of the KatMai fishing ship in the Bearing Sea. They saved 4 of the 11 who went down.:thumb:

the others were thrown from the raft and one didnt even have his survival suit all the way on... 4 people is 4 more than the coast guard should've gotten in that storm.. they did an awesome job..
Last night on the Military Channel they had a show called "Coast Guard at War" about the role it played in the Vietnam War. Very interesting and well done. I'm sure it will be repeated.
Fellow Bloggers,
For more information regarding movies featuring the Coast Guard, please log on to the Coast Guard Motion Picture and Television Office's website at

Sea of Lost Ships -

This one actually has a lot of "old school" USCGA and EAGLE obviously aren't going to find a copy at your local Blockbuster or from Netflix, but it's enjoyable if you ever get a chance to see it.
While in the museum at the Academy one can find a whole display on the USCG in the movies. My favorite from the list was made by Walt Disney called The Boatniks. This is a more lighthearted movie and very funny. I recommend it to everyone.