Coast Guard Rescues USMMA Mid from USNA Sailboat

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    Merchant Marine student medevaced from Navy sailboat

    Posted: 10/23/2010

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. - A Coast Guard crew medevaced a man from a Naval Academy sailboat who was reportedly suffering from a laceration above his left eye near Fishing Creek in Annapolis, Saturday.

    Crews medevaced Benjamin Reavis, 21, a student of the Merchant Marine Academy in King's Point, N.Y.

    After the incident, Reavis was transferred from a 44-foot Naval Academy sailboat to a 20-foot Navy rigid hull inflatable boat that was en route to Coast Guard Station Annapolis when the boat began having engine trouble.

    Rick Dominique, the off-shore sailing coach for the Merchant Marine Academy, then contacted Station Annapolis via marine-band radio at 1:57 p.m.

    A 25-foot Response Boat crew from Station Annapolis was dispatched, and a rescue crew located Reavis, transferred him onto the Coast Guard boat, and took him to Station Annapolis, where he was met by awaiting EMS personnel.

    Reavis was then transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis.

    The incident happened very close to our station, which allowed us to get on scene within 10 minutes from the time we were notified," said Petty Officer 2nd Class John Drohan-Clarke, the officer of the day at Station Annapolis.

    The Coast Guard urges mariners to outfit their boat with a functioning marine-band radio. Using channel 16 on a marine-band radio is the most reliable way to communicate a distress to search and rescue personnel in the event of an emergency while on the water.
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    Slow news day in Annapolis!
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    Sounds like someone got hit by a boom.

    (/pure speculation)
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    When didn't he hear "Jibe Ho" or "Hard a'lee".:confused: Those booms on the 44's swing over real fast and they carry a big clout. It could have also been a fall and not a sailing error. Again pure speculation.
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