College Applicant Acceptance Rate

I think the OP is asking about the sub population of applicants that are currently enrolled in college. I have never seen that number published anywhere.
^^ I agree and you really don't know how many got a TWE when applying from h.s. and moved on to their plan B.
Does anyone know what the acceptance rate is for college applicants?
I can see where this question would make sense at a bigger college where the size of the class is large and ratio of applicants to acceptances is closer - such as AF Academy who said at the last Academy day I attended that only approximately 2600 completed the application for review for 1300 spots. For CGA, the small class is so oversubscribed by quality candidates that selecting who to choose is hard. I have also not seen a published average % of college versus HS applicants. Basically boils down to what the candidate brings to the table (sports, diversity, academics etc.) be they from HS or College.
Last year I knew of 3 college (non CGAS) re-applicants of which 2 got in on their 2nd attempt. I heard directly from AO a few years go where a candidate got in on their 4th attempt. So it does happen that College applicants get in but it may take a few attempts. I cannot talk directly about first time ever CGA college applicants but subjectively I cannot imagine them being treated any different than other college applicants.
Really the better question is how to improve a candidates application while at college. There are several discussions on this forum about that topic.