College Applicant


Nov 17, 2017

I am a college applicant. All the required materials of my application have been submitted (including an interview report), but it's not marked as complete because I have not yet submitted my official college (fall) transcript. I won't be able to provide it until the semester is complete, so towards the end of December. Does anyone know if my application will be reviewed or at least looked before I submit my transcript?
Since you are a college applicant, then you are not eligible for early action (EA). Admissions is currently looking at EA candidates and their work on these files will continue until Christmas. So yes, they will not look at your file until college transcripts are in, but no other regular action (RA) candidate will be looked until January either. DS was a college applicant who is currently in the Class of 2021. He submitted his transcripts in early January and received his appointment in late February.