College Application/ROTC Application


Apr 14, 2017
Hello. Should I apply to the college first before I apply for the ROTC scholarship?
I think rotc applications open up before college applications, that being said i do not think it matters which you do first
Depending on ROTC branch of service and individual college choice(s), you may very well need to submit the ROTC application(s) before the college application(s). I would recommend doing both early in their respective application windows.
Hello. Should I apply to the college first before I apply for the ROTC scholarship?

It will depend on which schools you are applying to as well as which branch/board you are applying for. For my daughter it was 50/50. A couple of the schools had rolling admissions so she waited on those just to spread out the process. However if your schools are highly competitive the earlier the better!
Hello. Should I apply to the college first before I apply for the ROTC scholarship?

ROTC first. It's a lengthy application process and for AROTC, the 1st of 3 selection boards convenes a month or more before most college apps are even due. The earlier you get yourself certified "board ready" the better off (and less stressed) you'll be. Stuff can happen to delay the ROTC application process that's beyond your control, and potentially make you miss deadlines (i.e. DS rolled an ankle pretty badly during a summer travel lacrosse game, couldn't run for a month, and as a result had to push back his PFT until right before 1st board paperwork was due.) Fortunately things worked out, and he's heading off to join the Orleans Battalion at Tulane on a 4 year AROTC scholarship this fall. Good luck!
ROTC doesn't care which order you do things in, as long as you apply to the colleges eventually. The colleges don't even care that you're applying for a ROTC scholarship. DO them in the order that meets deadlines or board dates and also meets your needs.
Hello, I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who submitted in November and still got a NROTC scholarship.

Start the NROTC application early; it takes awhile. Submit the application once you feel like you're 100% ready to, and do it early if you can, as it is a rolling admissions.

As for colleges, if you are trying to submit apps by Early Action deadlines, then do so early as it can only help you, that way you might be able to find out about college and NROTC at the same time, and early!
They are separate application processes and neither depends on the other (though some schools' admissions can look favorably upon an applicant who has an ROTC scholarship). As people have said above - start applying.
The earlier on both, the better! DD applied early action to every school that offered it, so had many acceptances in hand by December, which was a great feeling. We didn't even learn about ROTC until October, so she wasn't ready until 2nd board. She was awarded a four year scholarship, and was all set to accept both that and her admissions offer in March - its been a nice feeling ever since.