College credit at USAFA


As a parent of a junior who is preparing for USAFA application next year, this question came up from my DD.

What if someone quits ( medical reason or unable to cope up with studies/physical activity) after 1st year.. can the credit be transferred to another university ? Is it going to considered a gap year if credit can not be transferred to a civilian university. ?

Any comments from experienced members is appreciated.

Thank you


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It works just like any college. Some, if not all, of the credits can be transferred. Which credits transfer is up to the college you're heading to.


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I would say the vast majority of credits can be transferred, especially for the classes that happen freshman year as they are pretty general and would match the core curriculum at other colleges pretty well. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended to stick it out and finish the year rather than quit somewhere mid-semester. That being said, because of the time constraints at USAFA, sometimes grades can be pretty low in a class that would otherwise be easy at a different college. I had a roommate freshman year who was close to failing out, hovering on Academic probation (below a 2.0) the whole first year. She transferred to a big state university and had straight A's in her classes there the next year. I'll also add that it is unlikely that, after basic, a medical issue will result in having to leave. I suppose a medical issue could cause someone to quit, but USAFA will let you limp along with medical issues for a while if you make it through most of basic first.