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    I'll be going int AFROTC and I heard that if you are taking college credit classes in high school then your grades will effect your selection for SFT just like your normal college gpa does for college.

    Let me clarify. My school does not offer AP courses. We instead uses a program called college credit plus (formerly known as college in high school) in Ohio. In this program students can take a college class just like they do in AP. It's taught by high school teachers in the school, but instead of the courses being all year and having to take an AP test in May, the classes are a semester long and all we have to do to get the credit is pass the class. And we do get a student ID and transcript from the local university that we base our classes on.

    In the fall I took: Chemistry 1 (4 credit hours: got a B) and college writing (3 credit hours: got a B)

    This semester I'm taking: literature & Diversity (3 hours), Communications (3 hours), Chem 2 (4 hours), Physics/Physics Lab (4 hours/1 hour), Calculus (4 hours)

    I wanted to take these classes so I don't have to worry about them in college; however, I'm concerned that my college gpa will be low at the end of this year. (The university I'm going to doesn't transfer the grades I'm getting, just the credit. So I'll have a clean slate for the college but AFROTC will still see my the transcript from the classes I'm taking now)

    I already have two B's and I'm taking a lot of courses this semester (All the ones above plus English 12, and Government) so I'm concerned that I'll finish the year off with a 3.1 to 3.3 for my cgpa.

    Should I drop one or two of those classes so I'll have less credit hours? Or is it not an issue? I'm not concerned about failing or anything. The lowest I'll get in any of those classes is a B. And all my credits should equal out to be a little over a semester in real college

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