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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by gavsaumure, Sep 24, 2010.

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    I applied for the 4-year NROTC scholarship during my senior year, and I do not expect to begin until 2011. I faintly remember my coordinator telling me that I could not have over a certain amount of college credits, or else I would be disqualified as a 4-year scholarship applicant. I just recently began to question if there was any truth to this claim, and if so, what are the maximum college credits I can have before I would be disqualified from the 4-year scholarship standings?

    I ask this because I recently have been contacted by a BGO and am following through with the application process to the Naval Academy, just so I do not' short myself on available options. He told me that it would help if, as a post-graduate applicant, I attend college and take courses similar to what plebe year would be (chemistry, English, history, and calculus). I do not want to risk attending these classes if it will disqualify me for my 4-year NROTC scholarship. Please advise. :biggrin:
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    I don't know about the NAVY, but I would ask them to differentiate one aspect.

    For example, not every college course at your CC will be accepted by the college, thus, your credits will be less. So, is it the amount of credits on your transcript that you submit for the scholarship, OR the amount the college would accept and apply. They are 2 different things.

    You could be accepted by the school with enough credits to actually start your soph yr., thus, you could be disqualified from a 4 yr scholarship since they will see you as an I-S applicant, not a hs applicant.

    Our DS did jump start and had 15 college credits from the community college, but several of them did not count because they did not match up to the university. All they really did was place him out of lower level classes, but nothing else, not even as an elective. Yes, these were just basic courses like history, english, basket weaving.

    Colleges will pull out their course description and the CC's to determine if they match.

    Good luck.

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