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    Hello everyone, I am a freshman in college who applied to USAFA last year. Unfortunately, I did not receive an appointment but received an AFROTC scholarship which I am using in college. It was a 4 year, Type 7 which I changed to a 3 year, Type 2 because of where I was going to school. That being said, I am still not under contract at the ROTC detachment because my scholarship has not kicked in yet. I am planning on reapplying to USAFA as part of the class of 2020, and am wondering if there is any additional or separate application for students in college or students affiliated with an ROTC detachment, and if anyone has any statistics on the chances for students in my situation. Thank you.
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    How can we even possibly guess your chances? If you told us you hold a 4.0, had 1600 CR/M SAT, etc, and were maintaining similar scores in college, sure, we could talk. There are several threads here which discuss ROTC-Academy.

    That's why no one has answered you yet.
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    First of all, nice name!

    Second, the application process is the same with a few minor differences. You have to send in your first semester transcripts before the admissions office considers your application "complete". I do think you are behind the curve with regards to just now starting your application, but I'm not 100% sure. Most MOC Nomination applications have closed already, but you can still ask your AFROTC Detachment Commander for a nomination. I would get on that as soon as possible, as it does require a signature from both your Det Commander and the University President. I was in your position last year and am reapplying this year, so if you have any more questions for me, just let me know

    - Hopeful18
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