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    A nephew is freshman year in college. Applied to USMA from high school, but did not get in. Had good grades, okay ACT, sports, just did not make the cut. He realized upon arriving at college that he was not really mature enough to be there yet, and has decided to go enlisted after the semester. He had another application open for WP, but has not finished it as he does not think he is ready for college. His dream is still to go to USMA from the ranks, but he admits he mentally kind of checked out after deciding to enlist and finished with a 2.3 (B in calculus, but D in physics). Does this kill his chances, or will the year and half he'll serve before applying help? Obviously he would then do the prep school. If the timing worked, he would be 21 when he starts prep school.
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    Being a FFR for 10+ years, I have to worked to some enlisted soldiers.

    Your nephew should be okay if (1) gets his commander's endorsement/nomination, (2) retake ACT/SAT and score better, and (3) finish his application early.

    His desire to attend USMA to become an Army officer could be clarified to USMA by the commander's endorsement. I don't want to assume anything, but his commander should ask why. Your nephew could possibly use his candidate essays and/or FFR interview to make his case.

    Finishing his application early will get more him more attention from the admissions office.

    More than likely, your nephew won't have any significant military accomplishments. If so good ACT/SAT should give him competitive advantages over other soldier applicants.

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