Colonel Panter-Downes: A Messy Business

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    this is a very interesting look at the social life of the US military from the perspective of a British exchange officer. I think he is definitely on to something here. The O Club is literally dead these days - at least in Conus (I was at Ft Bragg over Thanksgiving and the main club there is now a "community club" avoided by pretty much everyone that I could see ), and I assume the OPDs that used to occur on Friday afternoon which turned into Friday night "socialization time" at happy hour and beyond are also dead. I suppose that is a function of the hard line against DUIs, the elimination of Happy Hours etc and cheap booze which killed all the clubs (combined with the 21 year old drinking age which wiped out the EM clubs I suspect.) I understand what happened, but like this guy- I think that something was definitely lost when those things disappeared.
    Interesting read at any rate.
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    What a great article and what food for thought. Not surprised though. I'm always impressed by the articles you post! :thumb:
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    I am also impressed with what you find. Having worked as a bartender way back in the old days of the "clubs" it is a whole new ballgame now. Annapolis Club is a dining area and not a Friday night watering hole. Mostly dinner and out the door. Ah the good old days.:biggrin:

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