Color Vision for Army ROTC


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Jan 30, 2008
This is my first time on the forum(Hello!), and I see a bunch of information regarding color vision for the sea branches, but was not able to locate a thread for the Army.

I'm a sophomore at the University of Oregon. I recently attempted to join the Army National Guard to help defray the costs of education for my last two years, but had some trouble at MEPS.

I missed 4 on the PIP test and failed the FALANT test completely (the administrator said I was the first person he's seen that missed every single combination). The FALANT results surprised me, because I can distinguish red from green. For instance, I'm taking a military science class this term, and have had no trouble interpreting the red/green coding on maps.

Unfortunately, the results from the tests preclude me from serving under nearly every MOS, including the ones I would be interested in.

How does the Army handle color deficiency for it's cadets? I'll be doing the DoDMERB in a few weeks, and I'm a little nervous.

Thanks for any insight!
Google "DoDMERB"got me here. I had not noticed that this forum is for the academies instead of ROTC. Hope you folks don't mind :biggrin:
no prob.

the people on this forum are very smart and are able to help you out with anything from the academies to dodmerb to rotc. like retnavyhm says, there are no stupid questions here!
DoDMERB reviews physical exams for service academies as well as for ROTC and USUHS. This forum isn't specifically just for the service academies so feel welcome to ask your questions!!

As for the color vision for Army, you must be able to distinguish vivid red and green. You can test it with a friend, have them hold up a red piece of paper and a green piece of paper. If you can do that, you will have no issues.

When you do your DoDMERB examination they will only do the PIP test, so DoDMERB will request a remedial for the vivid red/green test.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask away!
Oh, wow. That sounds much easier than the FALANT was. I can definitely tell someone which paper is red and which is green.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease! :thumb: