Commissioning Gifts?


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Feb 18, 2017
This might be a weird question but what did you or your son/daughter gift to those that attended their commissioning ceremony? I have an NCO and a Officer flying in for mine and to be in the ceremony that I'd like to present gifts to.
It would depend on how well you know them, and whether or not they're into THIS SORT OF THING (whiskey glass with a .308 in it)
Do either of them like or collect challenge coins? Maybe something with a short inscription?

A lot of "groomsman gifts" are nice little things to give someone, as well.
My son gave me a bottle of Bulleit Whiskey and two shot glasses, gave his mother a nice wine glass, (Both glass and shot glasses were engraved) bottle of wine, and a super size bag of Cheeze Pleezers.....yes there was a story that went with those. Never forget the look on the Master Sergeant's face when he handed them to my son.