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Apr 4, 2007
At long last!. The Marine Corps has a new boot Lt! It didn't happen quite the way it had been envisioned four years ago and it survived BuMed losing his records but he finally was pinned a 2ndLt. yesterday in Washington Square in Philadelphia. As always, the Corps can put on a great ceremony! Our gratitude to the SSgt. and Recruiting Command Capt. for stepping up and doing a great job.

I want to thank all here at SAF for all of the support and friendship over these past years. Especially Gunner, JAM, bruno, Zap(where ever you are!) and even such notables as USNA69 and LITS. It has been a terrific five years and I promise to Troll this site offen. Good luck to all Candidates and wanabees. I hope your dreams comes true too.

From me: May your surfaces equal your dives!
From my son: Semper Fi!

SubSquid!!! I have goosebumps! Where has the time gone?
Congratulations and all my very best wishes!