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    So it turns out I could not afford my four year university (I didnt qualify for the Nrotc scholarship because my scores were very close but not eligible) and I am now going to attend community college, but im not going to give up on my fight to get to the naval academy. I have decided to apply for the class of 2019 or 20 i havent decided yet. attending community college for 2 years may help me and Ive heard of many CC students get appointed. Im kind of hoping someone could explain the application process for a CC student.

    I know theyre are many others out there who would like to know about it. And if you could explain the process step by step to make easier not only for me but for others in this situation as well.

    I know money is hard to come by but im not going to let this stop me from getting my dream.

    If you please can include:
    -what core classes to take the first two years
    -what does a CC student need on their application
    -SAT & ACT scores ( do you retake them if they were low from high school)
    -any tips or pointers for the application

    thank you to everyone to replies...your replies are taken with great gratitude and sincerity
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    Really recommend you read the entire "Reapplying: What to Do" thread at the top of the USNA page. The first and second posts get you going, with links to current plebe courses you can map onto your CC courses. The rest of the thread explains steps and answers questions a lot of applicants have.

    Also recommend you reapply this year. What's the worst they can say? "No." So you reapply again - as long as you are eligible and competitive. Sure, there aren't as many plebes with two or three years of college - but they're there.

    Good luck.

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