Company/Brigade or What?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Aloha, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I am not from a Navy background. Would someone please give me the discriptions of the various groups from the smallest to the largest. Like Company, Brigade etc. and how many of each group. Asked my Plebe and he didn't know. Thanks
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    I'm not Navy either, but I've been reading . . .

    The platoon is the group of plebes your kid will be with this summer.
    The Company is the basic group for the Academic Year. (made up of 2 platoons this summer).
    The Battalion is a group of 5 companies. Companies 1 through 5 make up Battalion 1, and so forth.
    The Regiment is made up of 3 battalions.
    The Brigade is the whole student body.

    I'm sure someone will correct me if I have gone awry.

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    It depends a bit on whether you're referring to Plebe Summer or Ac Year. The above post is correct for Plebe Summer other than that the smallest unit is a squad (10-12) plebes. 3 squads make up a platoon. And so on . . .

    During Plebe Summer, there in only one Regiment. Everything decreases in size, so to speak. One Regiment, 2 batallions (Port and Starboard), 5 companies (named alphabetically, as in Alpha, Bravo, etc.) per battalion, and 3 platoons per company. Thus, the plebes in your platoon will be the same who are in your Ac Year company (assuming they don't "shuffle" after Plebe Summer, which happens every now and again, depending on the desires of USNA leadership).
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    Almost right. :D

    Plebe Summer:
    1 Regiment
    2 Battalions (Starboard and Port)
    15 Companies (Alpha through Papa, excluding Juliet)
    30 Platoons

    Once the Ac Year starts it transitions into this:
    1 Brigade
    2 Regiments (1st = Batt. 1,2,3; 2nd = Batt. 4,5,6)
    6 Battalions (1st = Co. 1-5, etc.)
    30 Companies
    3 Platoons (w/ 3-4 squads)

    Going into plebe summer, if your son/daughter got into, say, N-25 as his/her company, then they will be in 25th Company, 5th Battalion, 2nd Regiment during the Ac Year. Whereas, their sister company (N-26) who was with them through Plebe Summer will be 26th Company, 6th Battalion, 2nd Regiment.

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