Company Training Corporal

Not a big, big deal, but evidence the mid is thought well enough of in company to be chosen to be part of the training staff.

I suspect we are talking about a 3/c DD or DS. As I recall, there is a 1/c Brigade Training Officer, a 1/c Battalion Training Officer. A 1/c Company Training Officer, a 2/c Training Sergeant and... you guessed it, a 3/c Training Corporal. The Corporal likely does the scut work, but learns the job from the lowest levels of responsibility. There may even be a Reg Training Officer in there.

The nomenclature may change over the years, but it echoes the Fleet and Corps. A unit or command will have a Training Officer, possibly a junior officer as an Assistant Training Officer, and likely a Training Chief or Gunny, as either primary or collateral duties, depending on the size and mission of the unit.

The Brigade Training organization plans, oversees and executes all aspects of internal Brigade Training. Someone's gotta drive the plebes through pro knowledge and pro quizzes!

A Mid who contributes his or her time to get Company stuff done puts themselves in a good position to earn a good performance/military aptitude/current term grade. That will contribute to the overall OOM. Service selection is based on a number of things.

Here's a clip from the USNA blog a year or so back - gives a good glimpse of what kinds of things mids do at all levels.

There are mids who focus totally on grades, do the minimum in terms of sports and company positions, don't bother with ECs - or - get involved with all kinds of things - or find their sweet spot somewhere in the middle.
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Some semesters they will have jobs and other semesters they will not

Senator Webb when asked what advice he had for ranked cadets: 'the best advice I have for you is to remember that next semester you won't be'