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    Yes, it's another "Am I competitive" thread lol. I have lurked on these forums for awhile, but I guess I'm nervous enough about my application to come out of the shadows. So here is my application (the abridged version).


    GPA: 3.71
    Class Rank: (Home schooled)

    SAT Verbal/Critical Reading: 670
    SAT Math: 610
    SAT Writing: 620

    4 AP classes: APUSH, Gov, Econ, Calc AB

    Church Group Member
    National Honor Society Attendee
    Congressional Award Bronze Medal
    Congressional Award Silver Medal
    Congressional Award Gold Medal (All medals add up to 400 hours of community service)
    Civil Air Patrol Billy Mitchell Award
    Civil Air Patrol Eaker Award
    Civil Air Patrol CAWG Encampment 2009 Honor Flight Commander
    Civil Air Patrol CAWG Non-Commissioned Officers School North 2009 Cadet Commander
    Numerous Command Positions in Civil Air Patrol
    Numerous Leadership Awards in Civil Air Patrol
    Team Policy Debate for 3 years, numerous speaker awards
    Team Policy Debate 14th at Nationals (out of a league of 200 teams)
    USAFA Summer Seminar 2010 Session C
    Other Extracurricular and Scholastic Activities/Awards

    Fencing for 5 years, qualified for the Junior Olympics and Summer Nationals. Current ranking is "E"
    Varsity Soccer for one year
    Krav Maga for one year
    Running and Weightlifting on my own

    2nd Place CFA at USAFA Summer Seminar 2010 Session C

    CFA Scores:

    Basketball toss: 66
    Pull ups: 18 (max)
    Shuttle: 8.7
    Situps: 95 (max)
    Pushups: 75 (max)
    Mile Run: 6:15 (Much lower time due to high heat, 101 degrees, temperature was noted on application, my average time is sub 5:30)

    So with the very high level of competition this year, is this competitive? I know that no one here can give a definitive answer regarding if I will get accepted into the Academy or not, I'm just curious on the strength of my application. Thanks for your time.
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    Yes you are a very strong candidate! I would probably take the ACT this June if you don't make it for some reason. Your CFA scores and extracurriculars are off the charts (trust me, I know how hard it is to get the Congressional Award... Let alone Gold! nice job) Your academics are solid, but you don't have any science AP's. I don't think it will really matter, but the academics are about 60% of the application. If for some reason you don't make it, I would take the ACT in June, and take introductory physics and chemistry courses at a college next year. These credits will not transfer, but freshman really struggle in these classes during their freshman year. This is just a small detail that admissions will look at. Very Strong! Hope to see ya there in June buddy! We're all in this together.
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    The ACT isn't necessary. A 1280 (w/o writing) on your SAT is pretty solid. Some people do do better on one than another. So maybe try a practice ACT first to see how you like it if you are even considering doing that. Personally, I didn't like the layout of ACT and got low scores.
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    You have a remarkable resume! You meet the averages for SATs, have excellent CFA scores, and have great extracurricular involvement. I believe these are all things that the academy looks for in the admissions process.

    Best of luck in recieving an appointment!

    Hope to see you there in June!

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