Complete Pending Review

Ha, I know my DS would wear it all the time when I'm around! sign me Sgt. Schultz...I see nothing!! I know nothing!!

DS - is still in this for now I believe, still CPR on his portal. Good luck to all!
Posted in another thread but maybe it will garner different attention? Anyone still CPR without a nom?
Posted in another thread but maybe it will garner different attention? Anyone still CPR without a nom?
I have that same status. Got 2 nominations to USAFA (haven’t heard from them) and none to navy. A month or so ago I got an email saying they were reviewing me for VP nomination but haven’t heard anything since.
Tick tock tick tock. The wait is tough and I'm glad I'm not alone as I read through all of your posts. People keep asking me have you heard anything. It is constantly on my mind.
Considering having a t-shirt made "Don't ask me about USNA until after April 15th" .
I'm in for a t-shirt as well. Maybe the USNA store should start selling them. I'm amazed how many people ask. If he'd gotten in, the world would know. If he didn't, it's cruel to ask.
I have friends who ask me every morning at school “Any news from the Academy?”, I had a friend get recruited to USMA on football earlier this school year and I’ve been waiting to hear from USNA for months. The wait is killing me here too!
At least you made it though the big wave of twe yesterday. Everyday is a new day!
Thanks! So I’ve heard there was a big wave of TWE yesterday. How do people know that?
From reading this:

By my count there were over 20 twe to usna yesterday on various forum threads, by the standards of 10% of applicants are on the forums that would equal 200 twe.
My DD was denied last year from usafa and self prepped at NWP. This year she applied to all service academies and has not yet received an appointment. She is still 3Q with a nom for the other academies but was among those that received a twe from navy yesterday. She has a plan B but really wants plan A so fingers and toes crossed and saying lots of prayers. Good luck to all those still in cpr or with appointments!
With 8% acceptance rate ( maybe even lower this year) and considering that all incompleted applications had been weeded out earlier, number of TWEs sent out this week can be in thousands, like up to 8K.
Feeling so hopeful at still being CPR after last Thursday! USNA has been dream for years, but DS will hear from 2 Ivy league this week. Acceptance to one of those would definitely cushion the blow if there is one (or Wednesday could be a completely depressing day). Every week we think we can't make it through another week of waiting. Feels like an eternity. Wouldn't it be nice if they had some kind of admissions counter so that we could gauge what our chances are as time goes on? Good luck everyone!
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