Concorde to the Rescue


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Dec 11, 2007
My D has appt to USAFA, but is in the middle of a waiver request for asthma diagnosed when she was about 10 years old. DODmerb required a remedial in the form of a methacholine challenge test.
I had read some negative posts regarding DODmerb and Concorde and I had even posted that we had a previous negative experience (loss of records). So, understandably, we were concerned that we were being thrust again into dealing with Concorde, so much so that we were attempting to obtain the MCCT and pay for it on our own. We wanted to avoid the conflict. In that process, we needed clarification of the parameters of the test so that DODmerb would be satisfied with the testing. I contacted Concorde to locate a vendor to conduct the test, and there were no approved vendors even at our local AF base. It was during this process that Concorde really stepped up.
Concorde contacted a local hospital with the capabilities to conduct the test. Because that Hospital was not approved, Concorde quickly (within 2 weeks) negotiated with the hospital and arranged for the test and for the test to be paid by DODmerb/Concorde.
Two representatives worked on D's file and even expedited the paper work. When we arrived at the hospital this morning, billing personnel knew to bill Concorde and hospital staff knew where to send all results. One of the representatives even gave me her personal cell number so that if I needed her on the morning of the test, I could contact her directly. There was no need. The test went well and the result confirmed no asthma.
As we were gleefully driving home, I received a phone call from the representative of Concorde checking in to make sure that the testing was completed and that all went well.
Concorde made this potentially miserable process much more bearable. Thanks Concorde.:thumb:
We also had a great experience with Concorde. 2-3 weeks after my son's physical was completed, I noticed on this board that people said the DODMETS site should indicate that it was received and sent to DODMERB. And, of course, it just showed that his eye exam report had been received. I called Concorde and was told that a caseworker would contact the physician and have it faxed immediately. It didn't happen. I called again a few days later just to see if it had been received. Nope - but they would call the facility and have it faxed. I called the facility and was told they mailed and faxed it weeks ago.

Then I vented (mildly, I hope) on this site. Someone from Concorde pm'd me and provided contact info. I called him the next day. He was highly interested in resolving the issue and told me he would call me as soon as he had the report. I'm not quite sure what he told the facility, but he called me back about 10 minutes later and told me he had the faxed report in his hands. It was overnighted to DoDMERB. But that's another story.

So, thanks to Concorde for having somebody proactive enough to be reading these posts and resolving issues. (I wish everyone I worked with had this kind of attitude.) And thanks to Tactical Nuke for starting this forum and keeping it up. Thanks to T39Pilot for posting the good news story. And thanks to RetNav for all the incredibly practical and encouraging help he's giving everybody here.

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