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    My son suffered a concussion when he was 12 and he had to go to therapy for 6 months.
    MALO called to state that USMA will not offer him a medical waiver b/c of length of time for recovery and it could affect him at USMA and in military service life. He has played football, wrestled and runs for the past 5 years.

    Son is currently working on DoDMERB rebuttal by retaking IMPACT concussion test and gathering the past 5 years of tests. Called his pediatrician to help say that he has been symptom free for the past 5 years. What else could he do ?
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    Ask him which classes and sports he's performed particularly well in. He can request letters from them vouching that he has performed normally (or if he has exceeded expetactions, that's BETTER) and has shown no sign of concussion symptoms. You want a balance between teachers and coaches, ideally teachers/coaches who know well what your DS is capable of.

    This may help, but I am not a doctor. I am sure other people on this site can give you advice that is more related to your son's specific dilemma.
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    This might be a situation to consider a consultant who specializes in helping candidates get through DoDMERB if it is financially feasible. DoDMERB procedures and protocols are difficult for an outsider to understand. Someone with expertise in the military medical system, and especially academy medical waivers, may be able to determine what, if anything, can be done to enhance his chances.

    Under normal circumstances I would not suggest using a consultant, but in your case it might be worth looking into. However, do a thorough due diligence before going this route.
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    I agree with jl123 that the use of a consultant is not needed for most situations. However, in more complicated cases, it may be warranted.

    We utilized DoDMERB Consultants for my DS last year who had a concussion and another neurological incident within 5 years of applying to USMA. Dr. Merchant was an excellent resource and helped DS successfully navigate the DoDMERB and waiver processes.

    In your son's situation, it may be worthwhile to speak with him (or another similar service) and evaluate whether it makes sense to engage their services. The initial discussion won't cost you anything and at that point you can decide if it makes sense to proceed.
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