Confirming College Admission with a Potential DQ


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Mar 28, 2022
Hey everyone!

Recently, I found out that I was awarded a 3 YR AROTC Scholarship to my #1 pick University. However, the deadline to confirm admission to that University is on May 1, and I will be unable to pay tuition without the financial aid from the Scholarship. Last year, I was prescribed anxiety medication and I also have a severe food allergy to shellfish. These two factors are making me worry about being disqualified, therefore leaving me unable to pay for school. Is there a way where I can find out my DoDMERB status before May 1? Are these issues usually issued waivers? Is it hard to obtain a waiver? I don't want to be stuck having to pay for a school that I cannot afford, and I would love to participate in ROTC. Thanks.


Feb 4, 2019
JMHO, but I would pay the "hold" fee to the 1st choice (just in case the waiver come thru) then make sure you also accept another school you can afford without the ROTC money. Paying maybe a couple of thousand dollars is a lot better than finding yourself on the hook for a ton of money if the waiver is denied and you chose to attend thinking you were good to go.

There was a thread a while back from a father whose son attended Virginia Tech (I believe) as an out of state student for a full year because he had an ROTC Scholarship, then was denied his waiver and the college demanded payment in full for the year of school (at like $75K or something).

So BE CAREFUL regarding ROTC money. Even if you get in, start your scholarship then have academic or PT problems you again COULD be on the hook for big sums of money. Most times things work out just fine, but those cases that don't make me really feel bad for the family who has to pay back money they maybe cannot afford.


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May 31, 2008
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