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    DS has conditional appointment to Scholars Program. In the past month, while we waited for waiver to be granted, he was assigned to MMI and completed application. He was then told that his assignment had been changed to GMC. He quickly completed that application and was contacted by GMC to choose his roomate. Every few days, he was asked to submit various forms (uniform measurements, medical/dental records, W4, etc.) He received orders to report and travel documents. This past weekend a debit card and paperwork for his new NFCU checking and savings accounts arrived on our doorstep. All the while he has been in contact with admissions and coach. Yesterday he received an email from medical administration that said his waiver was denied with no explanation as to why. On the same day, he received a large package from admissions with materials he'll need for a seminar that the Scholars take during the summer. DS is devastated as is the coach. We are trying to get to the bottom of this. Any thoughts?
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    Please contact LT Herold. He's the program coordinator of the Coast Guard Scholars and will be able to give you your son's status. He's out of the office often, so an e-mail is likely the best way to get a hold of him.
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    LT. Herold should be able to explain your son's status but as mentioned by Physicsguru he can be difficult to reach sometime. I would suggest copying ITC Lonegran on the email.

    CGA Scholar Program Liaison Officer:
    ITC Todd Lonergan ____________

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