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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by ALGU, Jul 23, 2012.

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    So I have a general understanding about how the nomination process works, but I still have some questions. I was waitlisted for the Class of 2016, but did not receive an offer of appointment. What I'm confused is how how my district had one slot for the academy that year, no one else got an offer of appointment, was still 4 Q'ed(Academic, Activities, Physical/Medical, and Nominated; even appointed to another SA as well), but was still not offered an appointment? From what I understand, if let's say Wyoming's congresswoman has two slots and none of her nominees are qualified, then those two unused slots can be allocated elsewhere in the nation. But if Wyoming's congresswoman had two slots, and one qualified candidate, how is it possible that the candidate might possibly not receive an offer of appointment?

    My only guess would be that it's something with how my MOC ranked their nominees, but even then I still don't understand.

    Can anyone provide some clarification on this?
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    How do you know no one from that Congresman's district got an appointment?
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    If what you say is correct and noone received an appointment even though one was available, perhaps the congressman nominated 10 people without picking a principal, and all ten were put on the NWL. Then maybe none of the ten had a high enough total candidate score to get in.
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    The academy issues appointments in order of decreasing WCS to those who are 3Q and have a NOM. Where the NOM is charged COULD be different from where it was issued. Even if someone gets an appointment they may never know where it was charged by the academy. Each MOC can nominate 10 candidates for each opening they have.

    Everyone who is 3Q and has a NOM does not necessarily get an appointment.

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    Time 2 is correct. Each year there are candidates who have all 4 parts of the application process and still do not receive an appointment. Unfortunately it comes down to a numbers game and for whatever reason you came out on the short end by a very small margin.

    Only advice is to look at your entire application process and see where you could make some improvements. On the positive side you have the makings of a very positive personal statement on how you picked yourself up after the initial diappointment and went after your goal again. :)

    Best of luck

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