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    Here at the end of the application process I'd like to congratulate those who successfully earned a spot in the Class of 2020.

    Always remember why you are there and what you are joining. You are there to serve and sacrifice for the greatest nation in history in the greatest Navy in history with its rich traditions. You are joining a long line of Alumni who have served before you. There is not an alumni association like it on the planet. You are accepting the responsibility for stewardship of a great institution that all of us love and admire.

    Relish this moment and get prepared for the toughest and best four years of your life. When it gets rough, and it will, remember that there are at least 4000 highly qualified candidates that desperately wanted your seat. You owe it to each of them to bear down, work hard and grunt your way through to graduation.

    For those of you, including my DS, that didn't make it over the highest bar in the Navy. Understand that the foundation of character is failure. The more significant the loss... the more challenging the recovery... the greater the resolve that results. Your response to your disappointment is the stuff admirals are really made of. I am proud of my DS for his strong desire to serve that will take him much farther than an appointment.

    For those that fell short, fair winds and following seas until we meet again in the the next application cycle!

    For the class of 2020.... Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about!
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    Well stated, USNA89. I hope each and every candidate reads this post... whether appointed or not. Each one who put themselves through the application cycle and stayed the course will certainly be an asset to those around them as they enter the fleet because they know about failure and success, and the hard work and dedication it takes to make it through. Good luck to all applicants, USNA or wherever they may have landed. Go Navy!
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