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Nov 7, 2007
Congratulations to all who have accepted appointments to any of the five U.S. service academies. Thank you for your decision to serve your country! For those who are still waiting to hear, thank you for your desire to serve and best wishes for good news soon.
My son has officially declined his offer of appointment to the USNA and the USCGA. He will be attending the USMMA. GO KP!
congratulations to your son for getting three acceptances. More importantly; however, congratulations to him on deciding on KP. Welcome to a fraternity that will last a lifetime.
Congrats, and if he decides he wants Navy or Coast Guard, that's still a possibility after graduating from Kings Point.

If he does want a closer look at the Coast Guard, he can get it when a CG bear football player runs into KP's endzone to seal up the game... :wink:
Oh LITS, I forgot to tell you that I put up trip wires for any bears. Decided that KP could use my help this year. :wink:

Gator, many many congrats to your son & your entire family. You will truly enjoy watching this big adventure unfold over the next four years. What were some of the deciding factors in choosing KP, if you don't mind my asking?

And by the way, :w00t::w00t::w00t:
My son has officially declined his offer of appointment to the USNA and the USCGA. He will be attending the USMMA. GO KP!

Congrats to him! KP grads have so many opportunities to serve, active duy or with the merchant fleet.

But for that last sentence? :thumbdown:

He better get used to seeing the Secretaries Cup and the Superintendant's Trophy staying in New London. :wink:


Thanks to all for the congrats. I will pass them along to my son.
Jamzmom, some of the factors that entered into my son's decision are as follows: 1) OPTIONS- He is fairly certain that he would like to serve the five year active duty military option, most likely in the Navy , but he has not completely ruled out the Coast Guard. As Line In The Sand points out, either would be possible at USMMA. If he decides after five years of active duty that twentyfive more years would not be for him, he would still possess a tangible asset that no other service academy offers, a merchant marine license. He would also have the benefit of the close-knit support and network of the fraternity that KP2001 speaks of. Of course if he chooses to do so, he could continue on in the military in a long term career as other USMMA grads have done before him. 2) SIZE, FIT AND FEEL-this is very individual and somewhat intangible. My son was very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit all three academies. All were very impressive, but at the end of the day, after spaeking with midshipmen, faculty and touring the academies, KP felt best for him. 3) SPORTS- as with many candidates, sports are a very important and integral part of my son's life. His thought process went something like this: I can go to a division 1 school ( the Naval Academy ) and most likely sit the bench, or, I can go to a division 3 school like USMMA or USCGA and contribute in a significant way. This was not a hugh factor but it did enter into the equation.
The end result of this whole process is that he feels very fortunate and honored to have been accepted.
BTW, speaking of sports, LITS and Luigi 59, I seem to recall a recent clean sweep that the USMMA had over the USCGA on the baseball diamond and the wrestling mat. Could this be a trend that will continue into the fall?
Jamzmom, those trip wires will not be neccessary. The word on the street is that when fall rolls around, the USMMA football team will be loaded for bear and the bears will be frantically looking for a place to hibernate.:biggrin::smile:
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Congrats to your son gatorguy

Tell him I will be seeing him in July.

I am also a recruited athlete.
Congrats to you

Cero, many congrats to you also. Best of luck to you. See you in July.
The odds are good, but the goods are odd

Luigi, the odds are good that KP will win back the Superintendant's Trophy, but what the heck is the Secretaries Cup?
The most important one that involves friendly bets between the Sec. of Homeland Security and the Sec. of Transportation.
Aah, now it makes sense. Thanks, LITS for the clarification and the time management and balance advice