Congressional Nomination Guide


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This appears to be the "official" info and looks to be very helpful. My DS is USNA '17 and I would have found this to be most helpful when he was pursuing his nomination.

Congressional Nominations to U.S. Service Academies: An Overview and Resources for Outreach and Management -

Sorry for the funky link - I don't have enough posts yet to put up a proper one. Mods, feel free to edit.
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Can anyone tell me if you need to go through the nomination process again if you attend a prep school for one of the academies? example like NMMI for kings point.

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When do you know whether or not USAFA has received your request for a Presidential nomination? Do they update your portal?
Would a recommendation from a governor be helpful?
I mean it depends on how well you know the guy. It honestly would look terrific to see someone like that write a letter for you, but the thing is if you don't know him at all/very well then odds are his letter is not going to be substantial enough to woo the board. The goal of the letter is to give you a personality and to put some stories and stuff with who you are on paper


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^^ If this thread relates to getting a NOM from your MOC, extra letters of recommendation not already requested in their application probably don't matter. Getting a NOM is not about who you know or being politically well connected. For the same reason it is not necessary that you try to become 'known' by your MOC. Inventing reasons to call/visit their office just to improve your NOM chances will probably not do you any good and may actually work against you since they will be able to see through what you are attempting to do.


Yes, your portal will show "Presidential" under Nominations.
Falconchic88, how long does it take to show up in your portal? We sent it the first week of March and it still does not show up. How will we even know if they received it? I know they are very busy with current appointees and wait list applicants, but we have no way of even knowing if it reached its destination. How long do you wait before sending another one?


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I would be patient. They haven't even begun processing applications for this year. If I remember correctly, I thought the Presidential applications had dates on when you could submit them. I didn't think they open for submission until July of your Junior year, so you are very early. Based on info below, you may have to resubmit later. If you don't see any updates by early July, I would call admissions counselor and and see if you have to resubmit.

Just found this on USNA's website Under Nominations: (It says to send in application AFTER July 1 )

"The President of the U.S.

An unlimited number of presidential nominations are available for children and legally adopted children of career officer and enlisted personnel of the armed forces, active or reserve, including the Coast Guard. One hundred candidates may be appointed with these nominations each year. A parent in the reserve must be serving as a member of a reserve component and be credited with at least eight full years of service (a minimum of 2880 points) or must be entitled to retired pay except that he or she is not yet sixty years old. Otherwise, the parent must currently be on active duty (other than for training) and have served continuously for at least eight years or have been retired with pay or granted retired or retainer pay. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please call (410) 293-4392.

Application dates: after July 1 of the year prior to admission, and before January 31 of the year of admission.

Apply to: Students must submit their application to the address below for this nomination. Be sure to submit proper documentation to support your eligibility.

Dean of Admissions, United States Naval Academy
ATTN: Nominations and Appointments Office
52 King George Street
Annapolis, MD 21402"


Thank you falconchic, boy did we misinterpret and/or mess that one up! We totally thought it meant to send it after July 1st the year they started junior year. What were we thinking? :bang: I hope it doesn't ruin things for my know, that whole thing about following directions:oops:. I will certainly have her send another one AFTER July 1st of this year. Sheesh! We are just getting started and already making mistakes. Lord help us!:help: Sorry, but I just could not resist all the little moticons...something to lessen the stress and make me chuckle. All will be well; deep breath and carry on.

Felix Rosa

The Governor of Puerto Rico, yes. One nomination.

The other state Governors?

well, it's true that the governor of Puerto Rico can nominate, but he can now nominate 10 people. I know this because I recently got nominated to USMA from the governor (and the Resident Commissioner of PR) and i thought i was a Principal Nom. but then i found out that I wasn' I'm still waiting for an appointment.


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Could be that Luigi59 meant that the Governor of PR has one slot which means, as you said, that he can submit a slate with 10 nominees.