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    I'm still not quite sure how Congressional Nominations work. If someone can explain thoroughly, that'll be awesome.

    From my understanding, I write letters to any state senators asking them to nominate me. But why and how do they nominate me? Do I send them my resume or my application for them to see what kind of person I am? Up to how many applicants can senators nominate?

    What's the maximum number of senators I can apply for to get a nomination?
    How many nominations do I need to get in order to pass this level of the admission process?

    What happens if I don't get any nominations? Is that possible not to get any nominations?

    How important is getting the nomination part of the admission process compared to the entire process?

    Thanks alot!
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    The instructions for applying for a nomination will be on the respective nomination sources website. You will apply for all nomination sources possible which will increase your chances for appointment. Please search the threads for an explanation on why multiple nominations increase your chances. You will apply for a nomination from the US representative in the district that you reside, your 2 US Senators, Vice Presidential nomination, and if you qualify, the Presidential nomination. The Senatorial appointments are usually quite competitive because you are applying with others from your state. Your representative (and of course the other sources) will select the most competitive candidates from their district. You can get as many nominations as you are selected for. You MUST get a nomination to receive an appointment. Thus it is critical to the appointment process. You could be selected by the academy and if you do not have a nomination, you will not receive an appointment. It is possible that you will not get a nomination. No nomination=No appointment.
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    The websites your Congressional representatives will have a "Service Academy" link with all the application information for nominations

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