Congressman Israel?


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Nov 6, 2008
Has anyone else completed the interview with Congressman Israel...any dates to when we would be hearing back from them
My son interviewed with him on Thursday evening. No word yet.

If my analysis is correct, he has no more than 21 to inteview for nominations to all SAs. Here is my logic.

The interview date was typed as part of the letter, so it is a fixed value, not a variable - hence only one day, otherwise the date would have been hand written too.

The time was hand written, so it is a variable, hence multiple time slots.

The complete time range for interviews was between 4:30PM and 8:00PM according to the sign on the door.

Based upon other people there, the times were at 15 after the hour and 45 after the hour. That being said, there were 7 time slots within the time range.

They took 3 for each time slot due to 3 interview board.

3 times 7 = 21. Seems to be up to 21 total people seeking noms to all SAs. If the nom requests were equally distributed amongst all the SAs, there would be more than enough to be allocated, but this may not be the case though.

Good luck. Let us know if you get any info.
Hate to be bearer of bad news, but you might be incorrect with your thesis in several ways. Sen Burr did the same thing, However he had 3 different sites at the same venue. When DS checked in there only 20 names on the sign in list, only later through 2 other people on this site did we learn that they interviewed at a different site.

Also remember, foundation candidates may do a phone call interview since they are not local

Finally, NY is very competitive, unlike NC, or at least ly, NY only gave out 1 nom per applicant. IE get Schumer...don't get Hillary or MOC....maybe totally wrong, but I definetely recall candidates and parents discussing this...I will try to find the link.

Getting interviewed can be just the last check mark, and I hope it is, but I believe in realism (scared me last yr, but I thank JAM, Antoinette, Luigi etc for splashing the cold water on my face)

Good luck and remember being invited to interview speaks volumes
I agree with Pima - very possible your analysis is not correct. Some MOCs don't interview LOA's. Some do multiple boards (one for AFA another for USNA etc). Many MOCs get apps from overseas (military parents...) and they do those by phone. Some don't re-interview repeating candidates (didn't get in last year, is trying again this year) or they interview the prep candidates (both civil and prep school) by phone. It is also very common to have have multiple dates... There are just so many things that can play into this that I doubt the number you have is accurate.

I know it's very hard to wait - but wait is what you gotta do. Remember, also, many MOCs will not submit their slate until the very last day - January 31st. Lots of reasons for that too, some MOCs want a personal briefing from their staffer on all the noms and the MOCs may not be in district so they have to wait, others don't notify for various other reasons ... bottom line is you may have finished your interview, and they may even know who they are going to nominate, but they may not notify anyone until the end of January anyway. That's just part of the process.
thank you everyone for the feedback!!! I just got off the phone with Beth, the director, and she states the board's verdict will be out before the holidays; 13 more days!!....Anyone else going for the USMA allocation?
The candidates may have been quite fierce :shake: so the board is having a difficult time coming to a verdict....happy holiday folks!!
Appointment on the horizon !!!

My son's nomination to the USNA from Congressman Israel came today. He has an LOA with all conditions now met. We now start the countdown to I-day.
Wooott!!!this is the best christmas ever!!!!btw congratz firemanvin