Connecticut Immunizations

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    Just an FYI. Due to Obamacare, many Connecticut doctor's offices are now becoming part of a hospital. As a result, some doctor's offices may have run out of certain injections until all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed (supply issues).

    If a TDaP is needed and the person is 18 (not yet 19), he can no longer get a TDaP at any walk in clinic in Connecticut due to a change in Connecticut state regulations. However, your Connecticut town's local health department can give the TDaP if the person is 18. (Once the person turns 19, the local health department can't give the injection.)

    (This lesson was learned after our doctor's office ran out of TDAP and told us, "no problem, just go to a health care walk-in clinic or a minute clinic in CVS. So we went to the local walk-in clinic, and they sent us to the CVS minute clinic. Luckily, the CVS minute clinic medical staff knew the shot was available at our local town health department.)

    This only applies to the state of Connecticut. I am clueless on the immunization ins and outs in any other state.

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