Convert AFROTC Foreign Language Scholarship to non-tech

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by scot1996, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Hey guys.

    I was awarded a 4 year type 2 AFROTC scholarship for Foreign Language. I was wondering how difficult it is to transfer the scholarship for a non technical major. Is it possible to get a 3 or 2 year scholarship for non-tech instead?

    I have plenty of Dual enrollment and AP Transfer Credits and upon talking to university officials I don't need to do more than 5 semesters to graduate.
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    ...Except that as an HS Scholarship recipient you need to do all 4 years in AFROTC. You need to ask HQ about changing from FL to non-tech, but my guess is it's a probable no. Tech, language, and i think nursing all rank above non-tech for scholarships. I doubt anyone can tell you specifically how hard it is to switch from FL to non-tech, but switching a scholarship from tech to non-tech is practically impossible.

    If you have so many credits, why not just double major in a language AND whatever non-tech major you want to change to? You're going to have to find some way to stretch 5 semesters out to 8 anyways, why not keep the scholarship but major in both? Do you just no longer want to study the language you selected?
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    When I switched from Tech to nontech my cadre commented that I was lucky to be non scholarship as my decision would have effectively terminated a scholarship and put me up for disenrollment. To my knowledge if you are switching to a major that is not in the needs of the Air Force then it is a definite no. Also you need to be in AFROTC for at least 6 semesters. There was a time where you could have applied for Field Training, go to Field Training then get commissioned within 2 years but now the Air Force threw that option away.

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