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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Melosh3, Aug 15, 2010.

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    So, my freshmen year I slacked off, didn't have much of a goal in mind or anything, so I barely got by with 70's in all my classes (all regular)

    Then sophomore year I starting looking at the military, specifically USAFA, and starting getting my grades up, mostly B's with some more A's near the end of the year (still, all regular classes)

    This year I realized I need to pick it up if I am going to be at all competitive, I think I will be fine with XC (I have marching band, tech theater, BSA, and my church, which does a lot of service projects, with leadership positions in almost all of those) and I am doing P90X, so I should be good physically, however for my grades I am not doing so hot.

    This year I am taking Pre-AP Pre-Cal, Pre-AP Physics (supposed to be pretty hard and you need to put in time outside of school, which I cant do in the fall) AP Music Theory (an extremely difficult class, if I drop anything this is first to go) Pre-ap computer science (an easy class) Marching band (Huge time commitment) SAT prep first semester and Film history second semester, and Spanish two, with Tech theater about an hour after school every day

    I am taking English and history at local colleges for dual credit (HS and College credit)

    I am kinda worried that I may be overloading myself this year, but I don't want to underload either, because I haven't be very competitive academically, and that's like half the selection process I hear.

    Can anyone give me advice?
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    Well, it sounds like your grades are behind the curve, so you will need an upward trend in GPA and course difficulty to be very competative.

    The course load at USAFA is no easier, so you might as well get used to it.

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