Court Shoes Class of 2025

Do you guys think that Nike Metcon's would work? They are not technically a court shoe but are built the same as well. Also they're a wonderful cross-trainer.
I would hold off on purchasing court shoes. They said that they were needed on the packing list last year as well, then they recanted and issued the New Cadets court shoes. My son's purchased court shoes are still sitting in his bedroom here, untouched.
I agree with @TexasAggie204 - On the WP Class of 2025 Parents Facebook page yesterday, WP indicated that court shoes will be issued by WP after they arrive. For what it's worth, they also said to follow the Boot Memo rather than the very specific boot models that just came out with the packing list this week. DS had already purchased and broken in boots in compliance with the Boot Memo that are now not in compliance with the packing list, so he has decided to hold tight to see if WP officially changes its requirements again before buying and breaking in any other boots.