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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by HiMyNameisNick, Nov 6, 2010.

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    got dissapointing news from my officer interview:

    because I received a violation from trespassing in August im officially disqualified for NROTC marine option scholarship. All the hard work ive done to try to reach my goals now means nothing if I can't get a waiver, so as you can imagine this is very important to me.

    Does anyone know the process of getting a waiver? My CO said he has never had an applicant with this problem so he's not really sure what their specific policy is.

    He told me to get a disposition from the court, but my lawyer said there is NO disposition, becaus eI was given an ACD, meaning that in 6 months the charge will be dismissed if I dont get introuble again and write and apology letter and do community service. I did all this, but I still have 4 months to technically im still "in process" of receiving a disposition.

    Has anyone ever gone through all this? Is there any chance at all or am I done with the military because of this? Im not a quitter, but if they say im disqualified then im disqualified not much I can do. How likely is it I can get a waiver?
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    This is *my* opinion only but my *guess* would be you're done, at least as far as getting a 4 year scholarship right from the start. Even if you were perfect in every other way, the competition is so fierce that they are probably looking for anything at all to thin the crowd.

    That being said, once it's removed from you're record permanently, you may have a shot at a 3 year scholarship OR you can always still join the military and go enlisted to start.
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    I agree with K, your best option is to join NROTC as a non-contracted mid, and apply next yr for a 3 yr.

    Now, that being said, you still might get a no, because you will have to admit that this occurred.

    NROTC is probably the fiercest of all of the ROTC programs regarding scholarships. However, none of us, not even the NROTC board knows what the competition will look like each yr. They may say, he did a stupid 18 yo action, but has learned from it and has shown us he really wants it, so omnious dominous give him a scholarship.

    If you really want the military, it isn't over until you pass that age limit. Not everyone enters the military on the exact same path, sometimes they have to be diverted to a non-traditional route. Yours might just be the 3yr scholarship route.

    Best hopes and thoughts.

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